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Paint with less effort. 

Our painting solution helps you to paint larger surfaces with ease. Focus on the areas where your expertise and specialization can show. We take care of the repetitive work.

High-Quality Painting

Easily paint large surfaces up to 3.5 meters with a consistent coating

Solution for Workers

Use your knowledge and expertise on difficult tasks,

our solutions does the rest

Simpler the better (Easy Setup)

It requires less than 5 min to set up and start operation. Easy to transport around the site

Increase your margins

By renting our solution you can increase your profits up to 32.8%

"We believe that

quality of jobs matters"

Freshly white painted hallway with ladder


We believe that expertise and experience are at the core of high quality. We want to empower painters through technology. Our mission is to boost painters' productivity, strengthen their margins, and reduce physical strain through our collaborative solution. 

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