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Who's Behind ROICO?

Oskar (Askarbek) Pazylbekov
Antonios Karageorgiou

"We believe that we can help through creating solutions that can empower workers,

not replace them."

To empower painters by providing collaborative robotic solutions in construction
increasing productivity, efficiency, safety, and sustainability

Our Mission

Our Vision

Professional painter Empowered ROICO collaborativve painting tool

At ROICO Solutions, we are passionate about leveraging technology to support and empower painters in the construction industry.

We understand the vital role that painters play in every project, and we know first-hand the challenges that painters face on a daily basis. From the physically demanding nature of the work to the tight margins and increasing difficulty finding skilled colleagues, we are committed to addressing these challenges and helping painters succeed.

Our vision is to make a real difference for painters everywhere through our innovative and collaborative solutions.

We want you to be a part of this journey. We invite you to join in our mission and vision and make it a reality.

The Team

Our team is dedicated to empowering painters. We strongly believe in a collaborative and pro-active approach to solving today's challenges in construction. And we believe that technology is meant to empower workers. We are curious, always open to new insights, and motivated to collaborate with people that are excited about improving the way we build today.

Oskar (Askarbek) Pazylbekov

Oskar (Askarbek) Pazylbekov


Bless Gomez

Bless Gomez

UI/UX Design Intern

Antonios Karageorgiou

Antonios Karageorgiou


Juan Luis Garcia Cardona

Juan Luis Garcia Cardona


Tijmen Spiertz

Tijmen Spiertz


Malgorzata Kowalczyk

Małgorzata Kowalczyk
Marketing Intern

Sustainable Development Goals Logo

At ROICO we contribute to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals to shape a better future for all of us.

We will contribute to the SDGs through:

  • Improving working conditions to create decent jobs
  • Increasing resource efficiency
  • Ensure access to adequate, safe, and affordable housing through reducing construction costs
  • Assist to create a more sustainable construction sector through innovation
  • Strengthening environmental protection through reducing chemical and waste release
Sustainable Development Goal 11 sustainable cities and communities
Sustainable Development Goal 8 Decent work and economic growth
Sustainable Development Goal 9 Industry innovation and infrastructure