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Quality of lives matter


We started working on ROICO after we discovered the challenges that construction, particularly painting, faces. Tough, demanding work with low margins and an increasing labour shortage. We believe that we can help through creating solutions that can empower workers, not replace them. Years of knowledge and expertise should be appreciated. 

Ready to paint with you

Our solution works alongside you. Place it in front of the wall you want to paint, fill it with paint, and turn it on. It is plug-and-play

Our spray-painting technology ensures high quality, consistent coating. The extendable pillar allows painting up to 3.5 meters high with no need for a ladder. And the built-in object detection automatically recognizes obstacles that are in the way and areas that should not be painted, such as windows or doorways

Easy Customization 

It is designed to build upon your expertise and knowledge. You can determine what areas will be painted. With our mobile app, you are fully in control even when you are not inside the room. You will be notified when it finished painting and when it requires more paint.