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Why we started

We want to make a difference for the people that build our world. We noticed the challenges that construction is facing - tough working conditions, an increasing labour shortage, low margins, little to none productivity gains throughout the past decades, and increasing costs.

We talked to many people and noticed a passion for their work with a willingness to face these problems head on. We became convinced that the knowledge, expertise, passion, and client focus are extremely valuable and essential. So we set out to develop a solution that would empower people. A solution that enables people to work healthier while improving productivity and strengthen margins.

Therefore, we are committed to creating the best collaborative solutions wherein expertise and technology are combined to make everyone's life better. Naturally, we cannot do this alone. As for our solution, we want to closely collaborate with our customers, users, and partners to continuously deliver high quality solutions that meet your needs.


Dream Bigger

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We believe it is important to dream big. We envision that technology will be crucial for construction.

Meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow requires ambition. We are convinced that  collaborative solutions are the answer.

We believe that automation and robotics can make construction better, safer, faster, and more profitable while improving working conditions. 

Plan Pragmatic

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Collaborative solutions are the bridge between technology and people.

You are the expert with decades of knowledge and expertise in your area. We are there to empower you.

We want to create the solutions that can improve your work. And we want to do this with you.

Build Better

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By building better, we envision a safer, healthier, faster, and more sustainable way of construction.

We believe that people are key in this. Building better goes beyond productivity increases and improving margins. It is about the quality of jobs as well.

We want to set the technological foundation for the construction of tomorrow.

A company you are proud to work with and for.



Oskar (Askarbek) Pazylbekov
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Head of Development


Antonis Karageorgiou
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Head of Innovation


Tijmen Spiertz

Head of Sales and Marketing

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Aleksandar Kolev
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Financial Advisor

Sustainable Development Goals Logo

At ROICO we contribute to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. We want our solutions to contribute to these goals that shape a better future for all of us.

We will contribute to the SDGs through:

  • Improving working conditions to create decent jobs
  • Increasing resource-use efficiency
  • Ensure access to adequate, safe, and affordable housing through reducing construction costs
  • Assist to create a more sustainable construction sector through innovation
  • Strengthening environmental protection through reducing chemical and waste release
Sustainable Development Goal 8 Decent work and economic growth
Sustainable Development Goal 11 sustainable cities and communities
Sustainable Development Goal 9 Industry innovation and infrastructure
Sustainable Development Goal 12 responsible consumption and production